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PREVENT fraud and identity theft.  VERIFY an individual’s identification, application, employment, education, bank account or trade line.  ELIMINATE fraud and costly mistakes with the latest in fraud prevention.  SCREEN applicants against the The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) database.

Why is it important to verify applicant information and detect fraud?
One in twenty Americans have been victimized by identity theft. Instant on-line searches are a low-cost means to prevent this growing epidemic. This not only helps the consumer but also reduces the costly risks associated with fraud.

What is OFAC?
OFAC is a watch list with names of wanted criminals and terrorists. It is required by law that the automotive and financial industries check customers against this list. Doing business with an individual on this list could result in prosecution.

Types of Verification
Type Description & Products

Instant Verification

This site offers instant searches which can be used to quickly verify applicant information, identification and references.

Manual Verification

Data like employment and education history is not yet available in instant on-line databases. Therefore, this data must be verified manually -- usually by calling the institution. The sites offers several products which outsource verification fulfillment to our call center. The same products can also be used to automate in-house verification.

Credit Reports

Amer-Info also supports credit bureau products geared towards identity verification and fraud detection.


All businesses are currently or are about to be required by law to check applicants against the governments watch list, OFAC. This list contains wanted criminals and terrorists from around the world and is in response to the USA Patriot Act.

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