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IMAGINE being able to access consumer, commercial, and screening reports in real-time.  FORGET time consuming installs.  EMPLOY Social Search to eliminate duplicate reports.  PRINT in the background to streamline your reporting.  VIEW previous reports.

Multiple Report Access
In addition to consumer and commercial credit reports for both domestic and international access, this site supports employment screening, tenant screening and ID fraud detection. From the same site you can access bankruptcy, detailed criminal history, trace detail, ChexSystems and Debit reports. Felony and misdemeanor criminal records direct from state and county offices allow you to fully examine an applicant's background.

Application Verification
Populate, verify and prevent fraud with real-time products available directly from the application. Applications can be completed with only a telephone number, or city and state can be populated with a zip code. Social Security numbers can also be validated and screened against Death Master File, a government database of deceased individuals.

Manual Verifications
Request employment, education, bank reference and trade line verifications to verify applicant information. Request can be handled in-house or by our call center. Verifications include basic information and up to 15 questions customized by you.

Driver's License Scan
Scan identification directly into Amer-Info and validate the authenticity and other fraud factors.

Social Search
Tired of duplicate hits from the credit bureau for the same applicant? Amer-Info can automatically search for a previously pulled report – saving your business time and money.

Like the idea of automated printing in the background? Amer-Info can automatically print reports in the background when received. Reports can also be printed in batch from the application list.

Batch Processing
Batch processing of applications can be handled from the ‘Application List’ or via interfaces. Interfaces allow custom importing and exports tailored to your proprietary system. When using an interface, there is no need to learn a new system or enter data twice.

Multiple Formats
Reports can be returned in our common report format or bureau print image. With the common report format, the source of the data doesn’t matter. It will always be returned in an easy to read format.

Track changes, history, and comments by adding notes to reports. With notes, multiple users can track the status of an applicant while viewing the report.

Report Locking
Reports can be locked to only allow a single user to access and edit the report.

Use this site to interface with your terminal or dial-up software.

Statements can be accessed online 24/7 for current billing information. Previous statements and detailed statements can also be accessed instantly.

Security Alerts
Security Alerts panel allows for real-time monitoring of account activity and unauthorized access attempts.

One site setup
Multiple sites can be setup and modified from one location. There is no need to go onsite. Everything can be accessed and controlled from one central location.

Amer-Info interfaces directly with RouteOne, the same system launched by DaimlerChrysler Financial Services, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Acceptance Corporation and Toyota Financial Services, Inc. This simple interface allows you to connect to over 50 lenders.

Back-End Interfaces
Through Amer-Info you can automatically populate your back end system after you have run credit reports. We can be setup to automatically send an XML response to a location you designate to populate your back end system. If you need assistance with interface options for your system from Amer-Info, please contact us at 954-434-8676 for assistance.

Custom rules and criteria, e.g., age of applicant, income, can be applied to consumer and commercial applications – prescreening applicants before a credit report is requested. Applications can also be checked against OFAC and authenticated by Experian Authentication before proceeding. Not only will this reduce employee training but will also shorten and reduce the cost of your risk assessment process.
We have added two new data source searches to our Prescreening product. You can now search Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgements and ChexSystemsSM reports before you pull credit.
  • Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments - Prescreen applicants using this database
  • ChexSystemsSM- Prescreen applicants check writing history
To do so, set flags so that if any negative information is returned, the application does not proceed forward. Users can be notified via email and applications can be manually verified.

Custom rules and criteria can be applied to consumer and commercial reports – with a decision in seconds. Not only will this reduce employee training but will also shorten your risk assessment process.

Acceptance, Declination or Promotional Letters / E-Mails
Letters can be used to send acceptance, declination and promotional responses to applicants. This service can even be used with E-Mail to instantly notify your applicants of a decision.

Merging Criminal, Credit, Evictions and More
If you need to merge several reports together for an e-mail or customized report, any search or report can be merge together to create 1 simple report.

Tabbed Browsing
Quickly navigation between revisions and packaged products to print, e-mail and export.

Collect your outstanding uncollected debt with this new service. Accounts can be entered or uploaded and tracked with advanced reporting.

Account History
Use the ‘Application List’ to filter, sort, and search for previously pulled reports. Included with this service is some of the most advanced filtering and reporting capabilities.
  • Grouping for real time reporting of account activity
  • Filter by user, bureau, product, and date
  • One click filtering - Click on any item on the application list to instantly filter for similar applications
  • Applications are also archived for later retrieval

Have several users or multiple branches? Amer-Info can handle multiple users securely and efficiently. Users can be granted different levels of access by permissions in setup. This is great for improving flow while reducing risk.

FICO Score Evaluator
This unique product allows you to offer your customers a copy of their score range with explanations as well as suggestions to help improve their score.

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