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BRAKING at a no-hit is no longer necessary with sub-prime reports.  Fully INVESTIGATE a prospective buyer even if no credit data exist with data from debit accounts, utilities and/or past civil judgments.  CONTROL the entire process in real-time with queue management.

Sub-Prime Reports
  2 Credit Bureau Header Search
Search two credit bureaus for credit header information with one product. This product not only searches more than one bureau, but is a fraction of the cost of similar credit bureau products.

  Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
View bankruptcies, liens and judgments filed within the last 7 years. In addition to filing status, judgment amount and other case specific information may also be available.

  Bankruptcy Search
Provides most current search nationwide for bankruptcy filings on a person or business within just 2 days of a filing and returns Trustee, attorney for filer, assets, liabilities, chapter, date of creditors meeting and disposition.

  Civil High Court County Records
When faced with a no-hit, it is important to serve a growing population. A civil record search can yield results never found on a credit report. This is great for predicting the likelihood of fraud, lack of responsibility and the overall disposition of a potential buyer.

  Evictions, Liens and Judgments
Determine liens and judgments filed in the last 7 years and other civil filings like evictions.

This report is a slim version of a credit report for the sub-prime market containing inquiries and charge offs.

When is a credit report not enough?
Over 70% of applicants have a flawed credit history or no credit history at all. This number is growing and leaving many lending practices behind. Now there is data to back-up inscrutable decisions, pre-qualify individuals and find data on previously determined no-hits.

How can sub-prime reports help my business?
Sub-Prime reports can pre-qualify applicants based on a simple bankruptcy check or offer avenues of previously unavailable data like utility history, debit/checking account history, liens, judgments, repossessions and other past civil judgments. This larger market share or coverage allows your business to stay ahead of the market.

How is the automotive market changing?
Rapidly growing immigrant groups usually have little credit history, and the so-called “Perfect Credit” individuals are becoming the minority. It is important to meet and grow with the needs of this new market. Using only conventional credit reports can leave you sinking in a saturated market with little hope for the future. Sub-prime reports are becoming the norm and the only avenue for growth.

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